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As of today, it’s been one week  since I was back . Two week holiday in Europe doesn’t sound like a long time for someone to travel oversea with jetlags and the volcano eruption in Iceland, causing 4 day airport shutdown in Europe. I’ll write more about this trip in the later days, and it will be quite interesting.

It seems that as I get older, the time goes much faster than the younger days.  Or could it be that I have more resposibilities, more errands  to do in addition to a regular fulltime job which I like. I must say that I love my boss more than ever as she gave me more time off  than expected.  Before leaving for Europe, I gave her some hints that I’d like Saturday and Sunday off  when I get back home, and her reply was there was no  such thing as I don’t have enough vacation days left;  However,  now I realize making your boss looked good and beyond her colleages really paid off. I don’t often ask for favorites, but I do get my ways when I ask for it,  a few girls in the group often voice that I am her pet, and I won’t tell them why :-). The two extra days  off  are   for   jetlags and family .  Let me put in the checklist of the things I’ve done since I got home last Thursday and see where the time went. 

1 – I unpacked my luggages, washed all my clothes and put them away

2 – I sorted out souvenirs and distributed them

3 – I had my black SLK convertible checked up and replaced the catalytic converters

4 – I visited my Dad’s grave and attended one year aniversary memorial service.

5 – I went grocery shop and stocked up the refigerator

6 – I went to play tennis on Sunday with friends

7 – I sent out bill payments. I said hello to Tony, the gardener.

8 – I booked an appointment and took my mom to see her opthamologist for a 3 month followup.

9- And of course I went back to work on Monday

I must say that work is not the same as before going vacation.  My co-workers  were  nicer with their “welcome back” and couldn’t wait to tell me who did what to whom. My heart melt thinking that they really missed me while I was gone, although my mind is not quite  at work yet.  Beth, my boss was in a rare good mood when she saw me and said : ” I want to hear about your trip when we’re not busy!”  My usual reply: ” sure, no problem.” And since then, we’ve been busy .

They say time go faster when you’re busy, I surely agree to that.  Time is precious and I treasure the moments I have no matter what I do or  whom I am with.

For keep-sake, I blog.


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